Business Litigation/Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

The Boston law firm of Engel & Schultz has handled business fraud, fiduciary duty and antitrust cases involving the following issues, among others: (1) the withholding of information from limited partners, (2) the freeze out of company founders and common share holders by venture capital investors, (3) the failure to disclose financing contingencies in prospectuses, (4) fraudulent appraisals, (5) concealment of financial relationships between parties, (6) refusal to share profits in joint venture arrangement, (7) vertical restraints on setting prices, (8) price fixing and (9) price gouging.

By culling through tens of thousands of documents, the use of subpoenas, the review of phone records, the hiring of investigators and other discovery techniques, the firm has discovered tens of millions of dollars of distributions hidden from one client, failure to report millions of dollars in profits to other clients, wrongful appraisal of assets by as much as a factor of ten for another client, misappropriation of assets for personal use affecting a number of  clients, and false payrolls and fraudulent billings affecting yet other clients.

The firm has successfully obtained six and seven figure settlements in such cases, frequently on the eve of trial, against billion dollar corporations, large accounting firms, venture cap[ital firms, small businesses and limited partnerships.

If you need legal assistance relating to what you believe to be a business fraud or a breach of fiduciary duty, please contact firm partner Stephen Schultz either directly by phone or by email at