Engel & Schultz specializes in complex civil litigation, typically involving six to seven figure disputes. The law firm also represents individuals whose rights have been violated in cases in which the law provides for payment by the losing party of the litigants’ attorneys fees.

Complex civil litigation handled by the firm has included antitrust cases (price fixing, price gouging and illegal vertical restraints), accounting cases, securities cases, breach of fiduciary duty cases, constitutional challenges to statutes, tax cases, disputes with real estate developers and condonium disputes.  A listing of some of the law firm’s higher profile cases is noted under Notable Cases.

Engel & Schultz represents both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil litigation.  Such litigation typically costs companies several hundred thousand dollars to bring or defend.  Engel & Schultz, as a small firm with lower overhead, can save companies or individuals tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone.  Moreover, complex litigation at Engel & Schultz is handled by its experienced partners, and not by associates.  There is no billing for duplicative work by associates and partners and partners at Engel & Schultz bill at the rate at which associates at large firms are frequently billed.

Engel & Schultz’s complex civil litigation is headed by partner Stephen Schultz, who can be contacted by phone or by email at sschultz@engelschultz.com.