Engel & Schultz was originally founded in Boston in 1981 by Mark Engel who was a product of medium sized Boston law firms. The original firm Gelb, McGowan & Engel evolved into Engel & Schultz in 1990 when Stephen Schultz joined the firm after leaving the office of the Inspector General of Massachusetts. When Steve Schultz joined the firm in 1990, both he and Mark Engel had been Massachusetts trial lawyers in Boston for more than 15 years. Those with the firm then and those who have joined since have been similarly experienced attorneys each with his or her own specialty and client base.

Engel & Schultz includes among our attorneys the former First Assistant Inspector General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and former Administrative and Legal Counsel to the Massachusetts Attorney General, the former General Counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR),  and attorneys who have worked at major New York and Boston law firms and who have joined the firm after service as partners at other small and mid-sized Boston law firms.