Engel & Schultz is a small, downtown boutique Boston law firm comprised of six senior attorneys, whose clients have included Harvard University, Fortune 100 companies and government agencies, but which specializes in representing individuals and groups of individuals in frequently complex litigation taking on companies represented by the City’s largest law firms.

In recent years, the attorneys at Engel & Schultz have won two of the largest plaintiff’s judgments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, winning over $6 million in tax rebates for its clients and approximately $250 million in rebates for all taxpayers in one case, and winning over $2 million for more than 40 unit owners in a condominium construction dispute.

Whether you are a minority shareholder or limited partner subject to a freeze-out, a whistleblower, a salesman trapped in a non-compete clause, a senior executive needing to negotiate a severance agreement, the victim of an investment fraud or shoddy construction, a spouse enveloped in a contentious divorce, a litigant needing to take an appeal, or are simply tired of paying endless legal fees for limited results with little contact with your current attorney, Engel & Schultz will provide you the personal attention and high quality legal work of its partners that all clients quite reasonably believe should be offered as a matter of course.