Engel & Schultz’s Partnership/Shareholder Litigation practice is headed by partner Stephen Schultz

Mr. Schultz is the former Administrative and Legal Counsel to the Massachusetts Attorney General and the former First Assistant Inspector General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Yale Law School, where he was captain of the school’s National Moot Court team.

Engel & Schultz specializes in representing plaintiffs in shareholder and partnership disputes. They represent executives, shareholders and partners who have been treated unfairly, been misled or suffered from breaches of fiduciary duties owed to them. They have represented founders of start-up companies, CEOs, Senior Vice Presidents, COOs, limited partners and minority shareholders. They have represented numerous partners in closely held corporations.

They have represented numerous plaintiffs in claims of business fraud, unlawful freeze outs and breaches of fiduciary duty. They have handled cases involving the following issues, among others: (1) the withholding of information from limited partners , (2) freeze outs of minority shareholders, (3) unconscionability of venture capital takeovers, (4) the failure to disclose financing contingencies in prospectuses, (5) fraudulent appraisals, (6) concealment of financial relationships between parties (7) misappropriation of corporate finances for personal gain, (8 ) failure to pay profits to joint venturers, (9) failure to issue distributions, (10) failure to honor commitments to share profits with others and (11) maintaining excessive administrative costs and salaries at the expense of issuing dividends and distributions.

Engel & Schultz has litigated against some of the largest companies in the world, including a Fortune 25 Company, billion dollar venture capital groups, billion dollar investment companies, as well as numerous smaller million dollar companies.

In typical litigation, Engel & Schultz has been pitted against senior partners of some of the largest law firms in the country. In nine cases they have obtained seven and eight figure settlements or court judgments on behalf of their clients. In tens of other cases, they have obtained large five figure and six figure settlements.

Unlike in large law firms, the partners at Engel & Schultz handle all aspects of the cases themselves, and do not farm out any of the work of the case to associates. Their research and discovery is focused and clients are not paying for the large overhead of the larger firms or the education of the associates.

Given these lower costs, Engel & Schultz is able to bill their partners at a rate comparable to the rates of mid-level associates at the larger firms. Under the right set of circumstances, Engel & Schultz will handle cases on a contingency basis. Engel & Schultz keeps its case-load low to allow total immersion in the cases it accepts. The firm only accepts cases it believes it can win.

If you need legal assistance relating to what you believe to be a business fraud or a breach of fiduciary duty, please contact firm partner Stephen Schultz either directly by phone or by email at sschultz@engelschultz.com.