Engel & Schultz has won millions of dollars for unit owners because of defective construction of their units and common areas, challenged overly restrictive by-laws and  regulations and the arbitrary imposition of penalties, and represented condominium associations and unit owners in disputes among themselves.  The firm has handled cases where as little as $40,000 was at issue relating to the faulty installation of a roof to cases where millions of dollars were at issue relating to issues involving faulty installation of roofs, windows, skylights, weatherproofing, ventilation and HVAC systems  and damage caused by water leakage, mold and failure of structural elements. We have had cases about homeowner bill of rights, which we have also solved easily and successfully with the help of frylawcorp.com and The Glass Law Group, PLLC.

Engel & Schultz represented the Cotuit Bay Condominium Association in one of the most significant condominium cases of the past decade.  In the Cotuit Bay case, the law firm successfully established that an implied warranty of habitability attaches to the sale of a condominium unit, and that the implied warranty of habitability in the sale of a condominium unit extends to the common areas of the condominium.

Whether you are a condominium association or a unit owner, if you have a problem for which you believe you need a lawyer, please contact firm partner Mark Engel,  who can be contacted directly by phone or e-mail at mdengel@engelschultz.com.