Boston, Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers

The Boston law firm of Engel & Schultz has handled numerous family law and divorce disputes. The law firm has represented husbands, wives and grandparents in custody disputes.

The firm has expertise in both the financial issues relating to the division of property as well as the intricacies of divorce practice.   The firm works closely with accountants as well as Stephen Politi, former Chief Counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, who acts as Of Counsel to the firm.

The firm’s partner Mark Engel heads the firm’s divorce practice. Mr. Engel has represented both husbands and wives in complex divorces, modifications and custody disputes for over thirty (30) years.  Mr. Engel was chosen as a Superlawyer in the practice area of Family Law in Boston Magazine’s Directory of super lawyers.  Only 5% of the Commonwealth’s lawyers are designated as superlawyers.

Mr. Engel has appeared in the in Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk, Worcester, Dukes, Barnstable and Plymouth Counties.  He has spoken to the clerks of the courts in each of these counties.  He is known by many of the judges in each of these courts.  He has acted as successor counsel in numerous cases and resolved disputes in numerous cases where predecessor counsel had been unable to resolve the parties’ differences.  He has participated in several panels sponsored by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education training other attorneys.  In short, Mr. Engel is one of the most experienced divorce attorneys in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

While in solo practice, for a period of approximately five years, partner Hilary Schultz devoted a substantial part of her practice to the handling of divorces and family law matters.  For the divorce client who wishes to work with a woman attorney, Ms. Schultz offers the understanding ear, while retaining the mature objective judgment to seek fair resolution of this most difficult time in many of the client’s lives.

The firm’s divorce clients have included professional athletes, white collar professionals, businessmen and homemakers in divorces ranging from amicable separations to complicated international disputes and cases involving complex divisions of family businesses.

The firm has handled cases with and without custody disputes.  The firm has handled cases in which the grandparents were seeking custody of the children.  The firm has handled amicable divorces, while it has also handled cases involving abuse and infidelity.  It has handled cases involving the splitting of a small amount of assets, as well as cases involving the division of multi-million dollar family companies.  It has handled cases involving alimony when couples had retired and had little current income, as well as cases involving alimony where one or both spouses were earning over one million dollars per year.  It has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of motions to modify divorce agreements.

The firm’s divorce clients benefit from Mr. Engel’s years of experience as a mediator and Ms. Schultz’s experience as an administrative law judge.  Perhaps the most important asset that Mr. Engel and Ms. Schultz bring to their divorce-related cases is perspective.  Their experience and temperament have proven invaluable in focusing on what is most important and reducing the emotion that is inevitably a part of most divorces.

If you have a specific question relating to a divorce, please contact Mr. Engel of Ms. Schultz directly by phone or by e-mail at or