Law firm partners Stephen Schultz and Hilary Schultz have owned a house and vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard for many years.

They have made many acquaintances on Martha’s Vineyard through the years, and sought to fill a void in the legal representation available on Martha’s Vineyard.  Specifically, given the Island’s small year round population, there were few, and sometimes no lawyers, willing to take on the Island’s large institutional powers or no lawyers in the position to present the type of independent review of issues that can be presented by someone not part of the very close knit community of residents living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Institutional Disputes

Engel & Schultz has represented three doctors who had employment disputes with the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.  The firm sued the Hospital for discrimination, when they terminated a popular black OB/GYN, who had challenged long standing practices at the Hospital.   Hilary Schultz represented a group of investors who wished to build a gas station, which would sell gasoline on the island at lower prices than gas was being sold by the other stations on the island.  The firm sued the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, when it failed to grant these investors permission to build a gas station.   Finally, the law firm brought a class action against  two of the largest distributors and retailers of gasoline on the Island for price fixing and price gouging, given their history of selling gasoline on the Island for an average of 60 cents/gallon more than it is sold on Cape Cod.

Property Disputes

Engel & Schultz has represented the Good Farm in a nuisance action brought by its neighbor seeking to close the farm and seeking title to property, to which both the Farm’s landlord and neighbor claimed ownership.  Engel & Schultz successfully defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to prevent new animals from being added to the farm and seeking the right to keep the Farm from using the disputed piece of property.

Engel & Schultz has also represented several contractors in disputes with homeowners, as well as representing homeowners in disputes with zoning boards.

Divorce Law

Hilary Schultz has represented a number of clients desiring off-island counsel relating to their divorce.  She has represented both husbands and wives, in cases involving custody disputes and no custody disputes, and in cases involving the need to sell the family home and to allocate interests in family businesses.

If you have a dispute with a Martha’s Vineyard institution for which you seek representation, please contact law firm partner Stephen Schultz directly or by email at

If you need counseling relating to a divorce or have a property dispute, please contact law firm partner Hilary Schultz directly or by email at