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Massachusetts Trial Lawyer, Boston Divorce, Real Estate & Employment Lawyer

Mark D. Engel, who founded the firm in 1981, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (B.A., 1969) and Boston University School of Law (1973).  He practices in the areas of divorce and family law, employment law, condominium law, estate and will contests and real estate.  Mr. Engel was chosen as a Superlawyer in the practice area of Family Law in Boston Magazine’s Directory of super lawyers.  Only 5% of the Commonwealth’s lawyers are designated as superlawyers.

Mr. Engel has litigated numerous cases, both jury and non-jury, involving complex divorce matters, employment issues, business fraud, condominium law and other civil matters.

He has acted as outside counsel to a number of small businesses.

Divorce Law and Related Issues

Mr. Engel has represented both husbands and wives in complex divorces, modifications and custody disputes for over thirty (30) years.  His clients have included professional athletes, senior executives, business owners, white collar professionals or their spouses.

As the population has become more mobile, often Mr. Engel’s divorce cases involve jurisdictional disputes, both inter-state and international.  For example, in one case, Mr. Engel handled a divorce, which required dealing with the FBI, international criminal complaints, Interpol and Hague Convention issues.  All criminal complaints were ultimately dismissed against Mr. Engel’s client and the domestic divorce matter resolved favorably.

Many of Mr. Engel’s divorce cases involve sophisticated valuations of a couple’s assets, whether these assets are a closely-held business, a professional practice or a partnership interest.  In such matters, Mr. Engel works with experienced appraisers and accountants to best represent his client’s interests.

Mr. Engel has handled divorces where all issues have been resolved in a single week  He has also handled cases which have required years to resolve the disputes between the parties.  He has handled cases with and without custody disputes.  He has handled cases in which the grandparents were seeking custody of the children.  He has handled amicable divorces, while he has also handled cases involving abuse and infidelity.  He has handled cases involving the splitting of a small amount of assets, as well as cases involving the division of multi-million dollar family companies.  He has handled cases involving alimony when couples had retired and had little current income, as well as cases involving alimony where one or both spouses were earning over one million dollars per year.  He has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints to modify divorce agreements.

He has acted as successor counsel in numerous cases and resolved disputes in numerous cases where predecessor counsel had been unable to resolve the parties’ differences.  He has participated in several panels sponsored by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education training other attorneys.

Perhaps the most important asset that Mr. Engel brings to his divorce-related cases is perspective.  His experience and temperament have proven invaluable in focusing on what is most important and reducing the emotion that is inevitably a part of most divorces.  At the end of the day, problem-solving and rational thinking is what leads to desirable resolution.  In these areas particularly, Mr. Engel excels.

Mr. Engel has appeared in the Probate Courts throughout Eastern and Central Massachusetts.  He has spoken to the clerks of the courts in each of these counties.  He is known by many of the judges in each of these courts.  In short, Mr. Engel is one of the most experienced divorce attorneys in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Employment Law

Often working with partner Stephen Schultz, Mr. Engel has represented numerous employees and employers in a wide range of employment related matters.  In addition, he has been principal counsel to many small businesses, handling their employment as well as other legal matters.

Mr. Engel has represented numerous senior executives in the negotiation of employment contracts and/or severance agreements in a wide-range of industries.  He has represented numerous clients entitled to commissions, wages and/or vacation pay upon their termination, who were often unaware of their rights under Massachusetts law prior to consulting with Mr. Engel.

Condominium Law

Mr. Engel was the originator and co-counsel in the case of Berish v. Bornstein, which the firm argued to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and which established the existence of an implied warranty of habitability on the sale of new condominiums.  The re-trial of the Berish case resulted in a judgment for the plaintiff in excess of $2.4 million.

Mr. Engel has represented condominium associations seeking legal counsel, and individuals or groups of unit owners in disputes with developers or condominium associations.  In addition, Mr. Engel has drafted the documents and plans necessary to create a condominium, either as a new development or as a conversion from rental housing.

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