Engel & Schultz has six partners. The firm has no associates. This means that you will be serviced by a partner at all times.

As Engel & Schultz’s partners bill less than senior associates at large Boston law firms, there is no down side to this personal attention you will receive from Engel & Schultz’s partners. Moreover, given the more than one hundred years of collective experience of senior partners Mark Engel, Stephen Schultz and Hilary Schultz, you will not be paying for associates to prepare global reviews of the law with which Engel & Schultz’s partners are already familiar or multiple layers of review.

The partners at Engel & Schultz work in a small collegial environment in which they are constantly communicating with each other about the best way to resolve a client’s problem. Given Engel & Schultz’s policy, unlike the policy of many other law firms, of only charging for the time of one attorney for conferences among attorneys, clients benefit from the “personal” attention to their case by a number of different senior attorneys.

Unlike the business model of some smaller firms, Engel & Schultz does not take on a large number of contingency cases, believing the caseload will be profitable if the firm can win a small percentage of the cases, it deals with a well-documented case. We handle only a small number of cases. We only take cases that we believe we can win and to which we can give our undivided attention. We only represent clients whom we believe have been legally wronged.